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Almost all the troubles I've ever known started with one woman or another, and the happiest times in my life have been free of the feminine influence.
— Abe to Manx

Abe is a guest starring character on AMC's NOS4A2. He is portrayed by Reg Rogers.

He is a Strong Creative and old affiliate of Charlie Manx.

Early Life

Most of Abe's life remains unknown, but he has known Charlie Manx for over 50 years and often spends his time at a bar from Strong Creatives known as Parnassus.

Throughout the Series

Season 1


Charlie Manx arrives outside a bar called Parnassus. A known hangout for Strong Creatives. He runs into an old friend of his, Abe. He informs Abe that Jolene July has passed. He sensed it. She died trying to kill him with help from Vic McQueen. A Strong Creative in her own right. Manx can feel that she’s special.

Manx informs Abe of Vic and her ability to travel along the Shorter Way Bridge. Abe saw it open up on the Map, not too far from his area. Almost all the troubles that Abe has every known started with a woman, and the happiest times of his life have been free of the feminine influence. Manx adds that most men spend their lives being passed from one woman to another, as he was from his mother to his wife. However, his children need a mother. Abe believes it’ll be in Manx’s best interest to kill Vic. Manx argues that Vic isn’t like the others. She’s pure. Last time Abe seen Manx like this, he proposed to Jolene. He's worried how Manx will react when Vic rejects him. Manx thinks he can convince Vic to join him if she could just see Christmasland. Still, Abe believes Manx is better of killing Vic. Manx states that Vic is worth him risking his Inscape. However, should she resist him, he’ll feed her to his kids.

Season 2

The Night Road

Manx arrives at Parnassus, a bar occupied by Strong Creatives, such as himself. He then joins Abe at his table, where he reveals that he bought the house a drink in Manx’s honor when he heard of his death. However, Abe knew Charlie wasn’t dead. Manx requests that Abe arrange a meeting between him and the Hourglass Man, but Abe doesn’t do introductions anymore. He’s become antisocial in his retirement. Manx recalls the days when the denizens of this world would run and hide when they heard Honest Abe has left his Empty Forest to travel the Night Road. Now, he’s the one that’s running scared. Abe retorts that it’s Vic and her bike that scares Manx. She killed him once and it’ll happen again if he doesn’t let it go. Manx replies that he told Abe the same thing about the Walking Backwards Man. If Manx hadn’t intervened back then, Abe would be dead, for which he is grateful. The phone rings. Before answering, Manx tells Abe that the time has come for him to show his gratitude. Abe reluctantly agrees and tells Manx that he wishes he was dead. As Manx goes to answer the phone, Abe tells Manx to tell his goddaughter that he misses her.

Physical Appearance

Abe is a middle-aged man with brown eyes (one damaged and cloudy), short, ungroomed, wild brown hair, and a graying goatee. He often wears glasses and overalls.


Abe is crude and sexist, viewing woman as nothing more than objects and more trouble than they're worth, claiming that the happiest times in his life have been free of the feminine influence.


Season 1

Season 2