I have worked for MCS Custodial Services. I also work in schools. I'll do anything to earn a place among your Christmasland staff.
— Bing

Bing Partridge is a main character on AMC's NOS4A2. He is portrayed by Olafur Darri Olafsson.[1]

Bing is a hard worker with a mysterious past and an impressionable mind.[1]

Early Life Edit

Bing grew up in a troubled household. His father was verbally abusive while his mother was oblivious or chose to ignore her husband's abuse towards their child. One Christmas, Bing's father gave him a gas mask. His father said that it was a family heirloom and he wanted Bing to wear it. Bing stated that he did not want to put the mask on but did after his father firmly said to. The two began playing a game, pretending to shoot each other, at some point Bing falls and his father calls him a retard and to get up. His mother comments on her husband's language. Later in Bing's teenage years, he is seen putting up Christmas lights with a nailgun. Bing's father comes out and begins to insult Bing about how slow he's putting up the Christmas lights. Bing becomes angry, turns around, and puts a nail in his father's forehead. His father falls onto the ground, dead. Bing begins to kick him, telling him to get up and called him a retard. Bing drags the corpse inside the garage and begans to weep loudly. His mother walks out of the house to see Bing crying over his father's dead body. She kneels down, hugs him, and begins to cry with him. She asks Bing what has he done but Bing does not answer. Bing stops crying, puts his hand on his mother's neck, and puts their faces together to kiss. She stops him, stating that it is wrong for them to kiss but Bing forces her onto the ground, and rapes her. Afterwards, he grabs the nailgun, closes the garage, and puts a nail through his mother's head.

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Bing is a tall man with a heavy build. He has brown hair with a beard. He is often seen wearing a teal jumpsuit that has a patch on it with his name.


Bing is a lonely man who is very vulnerable to anyone who shows him affection. In the first few episodes, he seems to be a friendly man, especially towards Vic.


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