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To think... we live in a world where a whore like you is allowed to have a child. Your boy's with me now. You nearly stole my children from me, and now I claim yours from you. Your boy is with me now, and you will never have him back, do you understand? Say "thank you," Vic. For bringing Wayne more joy than you ever could. For giving him a home you never could. For giving him love. If you had a grateful bone in your body, you'd say thank you. Aw, come on, Vic. Say thanks.
Manx to Vic

Bruce Wayne McQueen is the fifth episode of the second season of AMC's NOS4A2. It is also the fifteenth episode of the series overall.[1]


Vic McQueen returns to the Lakehouse only to ride straight into a deadly trap. Charlie Manx cashes in his favor. We meet the Hourglass Man, a powerful strong creative.



Editor's Note: This episode is presented from the perspective of multiple characters; primarily Vic and Wayne as indicated by the headers below.

Flashback 8 years ago to the day that Vic gave birth to Wayne via c-section. There appeared to be complications with his breathing. The doctors performed CPR and fortunately managed to save his life.


Present day, after informing Vic that Wayne has been talking to Manx and informing him of their location, Lou assures Wayne that he did nothing wrong and that he’ll protect Wayne until Vic arrives.

The Hourglass Man instructs the agents to kill Chris and Lou

Agent Ash and Agent Chen pull over Jonathan Beckett, otherwise known as the Hourglass Man and instruct him to leave the area. He claims to be lost and asks for directions. He orders them to head down to the lake house and kill everyone inside except for Wayne. They draw their guns and order him to put his hands in the air. He raises his hand, only to show them the hourglass he holds. He flips it over and places it onto the dashboard. They appear to be completely under his control. Lastly, he tells them to make sure the boy isn’t touched and to kill themselves afterward.

Chris tells Lou to stay inside with Wayne as he goes to tell the agents that they’ve been compromised. Lou tries to convince Chris to stay inside with them. ANFO is their only line of defense against Bing and Manx, who they reveal is still alive despite the reports of his death. Wayne insists that Manx is real, but Chris writes it off as a bad dream even as Lou explains that Manx is very much alive and coming to take Wayne. He then explains that the only way to stop Manx is by blowing up the Wraith. Still, Chris isn’t convinced and exits the house.

Agent Ash and Agent Chen open fire on Chris

Outside, as Chris is approaching the agents, Ash and Chen open fire, shooting Chris in the leg, forcing him to take cover behind his truck, as he tries to explain that he’s the homeowner. Lou tells Wayne to get down, as he barricades the door, but Wayne watches from the window instead. Chris shoots and kills Agent Ash. Agent Chen approaches from the other side of the vehicle, however, the hourglass has nearly run out of sand, and so, Chen takes his own life as instructed, firing a single bullet. Lou joins Wayne by the window and assures him that they’ll be okay.

Lou and Wayne start to hear a hissing sound coming from within the house. Wayne remarks that it smells like cookies and giggles. However, Lou realizes that gas is being pumped inside the house and tells Wayne to hold his breath as they exit. However, they don’t get far, as Bing ambushes Lou, knocking him out with the gingerbread smoke. Wayne runs towards the road with Bing chasing after him. He grabs Wayne by his arm and lifts him into the air. Wayne bites Bing, who screams in pain and tells Wayne that "your ass is grass." Manx calls out to Bing and demands that he bring Wayne to him. Wayne reluctantly enters the Wraith, and Manx tells him that his wildest dreams are about to come true. Suddenly, Vic arrives and screams out "Manx! Let him go."

Vic rides the Shorter Way back to the lake house, where she discovers Bing’s gas equipment lying near the AC unit. She then finds Lou unconscious on the ground. He’s weak, but he tells her that Bing has Wayne and hands her the detonator. Vic finds Manx standing near his Wraith with Wayne and Bing and demands that her son be released. However, Manx gets inside the Wraith and charges towards Vic, who holds in her hand the detonator to blow up Manx, however, she can’t, as it would also mean killing her son. And so, Vic runs away, with Manx following behind. He drives through the gate and mows Vic down. She goes flying through the air, during which time, she recalls her precious memories with Wayne, such as their times on the swings and him joining her and Lou in bed.

Manx kicks Vic awake as she lies on the ground after being run over. She tries to get up, but he beats her with the bone hammer, striking her in the back several times, mercilessly, breaking the metal plates embedded within the jacket she’s wearing. Manx tells Vic that her days of riding are over. He can’t believe they live in a world where a whore like her is allowed to have children. She nearly stole his children from him, and now, he claims hers as his own. She will never see Wayne again. He claims he’ll bring Wayne more joy and love than he’s ever had. As he goes to strike her again, she kicks Manx in the knee and disarms him off the bone hammer. She grabs the weapon and strikes Manx in the face before turning her attention to the Wraith, hitting it many times, weakening Manx in the process. She then finds Wayne sleeping in the back. She wakes him up, as she beats on the window with the hammer, though she leaves not even a scratch. Wayne tells her to run, as Bing exits the Wraith and opens fire. Vic tells Wayne that she loves him and promises that she’ll bring him home. Unable to free Wayne from the Wraith, Vic runs onto the dock and dives into the lake with Bing chasing behind her and firing.


Rewind back to Vic and Manx’s encounter on the road, in which he gets inside the Wraith and runs her down. Wayne watches as this unfolds. He bangs on the window and calls out to his mom, who lays hurt on the ground. Bing warns Wayne that "boys who make filthy noise get no toys," and "boys who yelp get no help." Manx tells Bing to put Wayne down for a nap. He doesn’t want the boy to see what comes next. Bing asks to come with, as he too wishes to have fun with Vic. Manx orders Bing to stay in the car and take care of Wayne. And then, he’ll have all the fun he can handle when they get to Christmasland. Bing becomes ecstatic. He wishes to ride the Sleigh Coaster with Mike and drink hot cocoa. Manx promises that there will be a feast beyond Bing’s imagination upon his arrival at Christmasland.

Manx exits the Wraith, and Wayne continues to beat and bang on the window. Bing tells Wayne to quiet down or else he’ll shoot him. He then threatens to bite Wayne back. Adding that Wayne has the pretty face of a girl, but that it wouldn’t be so pretty if he bit Wayne’s cheek off and spat it out on the floor. Wayne retorts that Manx would be mad if Bing hurt him. Bing remarks that Wayne is nothing like Mike. Bing allows Wayne to watch as Manx beats Vic over the back with the hammer. He adds that when Manx is done, he’ll have his turn with Vic. Bing then puts Wayne to sleep. During which times, he dreams of Halloween and the 4th of July with his parents.

Manx slams Lou's face into the Wraith

Wayne awakens to the sound of Vic trying to break the window with Manx’s hammer. He warns her to run, as Bing starts to shoot. She tells him that she loves him and that she'll come back for him before jumping into the lake. Wayne tries to crawl into the front seat, but there appears to be a portal preventing him from doing so. Each time he tries, he ends up back in the backseat. He also tries to text his father but with no luck. Wayne starts to panic. Fortunately, Lou arrives with an axe. He strikes the back window but doesn’t leave so much as a scratch. However, he does manage to crack the driver side window before Manx sneaks up from behind and strikes Lou over the head with the hammer. He then smashes Lou’s head into the window repeatedly. Manx tells Wayne that Lou will be coming with them to Christmasland.


Vic jumps into the lake and remains hidden underwater, as Bing fires several shots. She recalls all her time spent with Wayne. Vic emerges from underwater but remains hidden behind a buoy. She watches as Bing fires randomly into the lake. Manx tells Vic that only a coward hits a man and runs. She watches as Lou runs towards the Wraith. Vic then goes back underwater and swims to the dock, emerging just beneath Bing’s feet. He asks if she remembers their time together in the House of Sleep. Every time it rains, he thinks about the fun they had together and how much he still has to teach her about being a good mom. He adds that Wayne is naughty as well, but at least Manx will teach him how to be nice. Vic is forced to watch from under the dock as Manx smashes Lou’s face into the window of the Wraith.

Vic watches as Manx leaves with Wayne

Manx returns to the lake and informs Vic that Lou is destined for a ride in his Wraith and reminds her of Craig, who she killed. While it’s unfortunate his kids didn’t get to snack on Craig, they will feast on Lou for weeks. Manx promises that Wayne will call Vic from Christmasland. And when she hears his voice, she’ll know that he’s better off with him. Bing realizes that Vic is beneath him and begins shooting. However, he is taken down by a single shot from Chris, who then turns his attention towards Manx and begins shooting. Bing gets back to his feet and limps towards Chris just as Manx gets in the Wraith and drives off without him. And so, Bing is forced to retreat into the woods. Vic makes it back to land while Chris fires several rounds at the Wraith, though he fails to stop Manx from leaving with Wayne.

Wayne pleads with Manx to stop the car, watching as his mother attempts to chase them on foot. Manx retorts that Vic isn’t deserving of being called a mother. Wayne blames Manx for hurting his family. Manx would normally never allow a child to witness such bloodshed, but he insists that Vic gave him no choice. Manx also still blames Vic for putting him in a coma for nearly a decade. Making his children go hungry. Wayne begs Manx to let him go as he doesn’t want to go to Christmasland. Manx assures Wayne that this is in fact what he wanted, which is why he told Manx where to find them. Wayne will be free of violence and drinking in Christmasland.

Lou tells Vic to kill Manx

Vic approaches Lou and Chris, both wounded, Lou more so. Lou encourages Vic to go after Manx. Chris loads his gun and gives it to Vic. Lou tells Vic to find Manx and kill him. Vic gets on her bike and chases Manx down. She manages to catch up to him. She fires several rounds at the Wraith even as Manx tries to run her off the road. They near an intersection, and he suddenly slams on his brakes, though Vic continues and is run over by the Hourglass Man. Wayne asks if his mother’s dead. Manx replies that Vic can no longer hurt him.

Vic wakes up in the hospital. She is brought in on a stretcher. Chris and Lou are also being tended to, though Lou has become unresponsive. Vic starts the cry, asking where her son is. Linda arrives and comforts Vic, as she exclaims that Wayne is gone and is never coming back.



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