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No, no. Don't fret, my boy. Those presents will return to you just as soon as we arrive at Christmasland. Oh, it's a very special place where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law.

Christmasland was an imaginary world and Charlie Manx's inscape, where it was always Christmas Day and children could never grow old or become unhappy. Christmasland was Manx’s life work. He described it as a place of wonder and joy. However, upon abducting Wayne McQueen from his home and taking him Christmasland, Manx was forced to defend his Christmas wonderland from Vic McQueen and Maggie Leigh, who together, blew Christmasland up with several strategically placed bombs.


Initially, Christmasland was nothing more than a figment of Charlie Manx's imagination. A wonderland in which he would tease his daughter Millie with the idea of. This was, however, before he discovered that he was a Strong Creative. Manx's discovery of Christmasland and his ability to make it real came shortly after he purchased the Wraith and kills his wife Cassie for planning to leave with their daughter. Towards the end of the ride, Manx's eyes filled with white static, an empowering discovery, as Millie gradually transformed into a demon and ripped the flesh from her mother's face. Manx would then awaken in Christmasland, realizing then and there his true potential.

The last stop on the road to Christmasland is at Sleigh House, where Manx allows the children to pick an ornament to hang on a tree. These ornaments hold the children's souls and smashing them reverts the kids back to normal.

For decades, Manx has been stealing children from their home and taking them to Christmasland. The path of which could only be traveled to in his Wraith — until Vic put him in a coma for eight years, causing the veil between Christmasland and the Real World to falter, allowing passage. However, Millie discovered that crossing between worlds through the veil, from Christmasland to the Real World, they would cease to exist, disappearing into white noise. She managed to survive crossing over by retrieving her ornament from the tree near Sleigh House where she hung it many years prior. Vic also used the same veil to travel to Christmasland on her Bridge.

Christmasland was destroyed by Vic and Maggie Leigh using bombs planted around it. Shortly thereafter, Manx was killed.




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