Craig Robert Harrison was a recurring character on AMC's NOS4A2. He was portrayed by Dalton Harrod.

Craig is Vic McQueen's childhood friend.

Early LifeEdit

Craig grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts with his childhood friend Vic McQueen, whom he secretly loves.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

The Shorter WayEdit

Craig and his childhood friend Vic McQueen head inside of the school, where Vic gifts the school janitor, Bing Partridge with the next installment of "Doctor Incubus".

The Graveyard of What MightEdit

Vic and Craig meet at the clearing near the Shorter Way. She asks him about the doll he used to have in the third grade. The one she lost. Craig explains it was a stuffed rabbit named Leonard. With that in mind, Vic revs up her bike. As she approaches the clearing, the Shorter Way bridge appears just in time for her to ride over it, much to Craig’s amazement. Craig attempts to follow her over, but something goes wrong. Vic returns and finds him knocked out on the ground. She wakes him up, and they discuss the bridge and how she seems to be the only one who can cross it. The first time Vic went over the bridge, it took her to her father’s lost watch. The second time to his girlfriend’s house. And this latest time, it took her to the town landfill, where she recovered Craig’s stuffed rabbit Leonard. Craig warns Vic against crossing the bridge. He’s concerned with what it may be doing it her, making mention of her inflamed left eye.

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Season 1Edit


  • Many fans believe Craig is a character created specifically for the series, as he does not exist in the novel. However, he does exist in the novel. Specifically, in the "chapter" entitled "Haverhill" which begins "In late March of Vic's senior year, her mother walked in on her and Craig Harrison in Vic's bedroom at one in the morning."



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