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Just save yourself, Vic, or I swear to God I'll freaking kill you. [...] Let me go, nerdball. You've got to get out of here. [...] I love you.
— Craig to Vic

Craig Robert Harrison was a recurring character on AMC's NOS4A2. He was portrayed by Dalton Harrod.

He is Vic McQueen's childhood friend who dies in a fiery car explosion during a confrontation between Vic and Charlie Manx.

Early Life

Craig was born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts with his childhood friend Vic McQueen, whom he secretly loved. They'd known each other since at least the second grade, and she's his closest friend.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

The Shorter Way

Craig and his childhood friend Vic McQueen head inside of the school, where Vic gifts the school janitor, Bing Partridge with the next installment of "Doctor Incubus".

The Graveyard of What Might

Vic and Craig meet at the clearing near the Shorter Way. She asks him about the doll he used to have in the third grade. The one she lost. Craig explains it was a stuffed rabbit named Leonard. With that in mind, Vic revs up her bike. As she approaches the clearing, the Shorter Way bridge appears just in time for her to ride over it, much to Craig’s amazement. Craig attempts to follow her over, but something goes wrong. Vic returns and finds him knocked out on the ground. She wakes him up, and they discuss the bridge and how she seems to be the only one who can cross it. The first time Vic went over the bridge, it took her to her father’s lost watch. The second time to his girlfriend’s house. And this latest time, it took her to the town landfill, where she recovered Craig’s stuffed rabbit Leonard. Craig warns Vic against crossing the bridge. He’s concerned with what it may be doing it her, making mention of her inflamed left eye.

The Gas Mask Man

Craig goes to Chris and asks for help in fixing his bike. Chris offers to give him a ride to the site and help him fix his bike afterwards. Vic joins them as she awaits Willa’s arrival. Chris is proud, though Craig seems less enthusiastic. He’s worried if Vic should be leaving after her eye was bleeding a few days ago. Vic assures Craig that she’s fine and leaves with Willa.

The House of Sleep

Craig goes to Vic's house. Linda tells him that Vic’s not feeling well. While she sympathizes with Craig, given his mom’s situation, but she believes that Craig is sending Vic down the wrong path and refuses to allow that to continue. Linda remarks that Vic came home with red eyes, leading her to believe that Vic and Craig were smoking weed in the woods. Craig insists that Vic would never do that and that Linda doesn’t know anything about Vic. Still, Linda asks that he stay away from Vic.

The Wraith

In art class, Craig reminds Vic of all the times he told her something wasn’t right about Bing. But no one ever believes him. She retorts that’s no one believes him because he’s always high. Craig knows that Vic used her Bridge to find Sharon Smith, who went missing, despite her promising to never use it again. Vic’s heart is too big and too dumb for Craig’s comfort. He wants to skip class, but Vic is hoping to finish her portfolio so that she can leave Haverhill to attend RISD. She suggests that Craig apply as well, but they both know that he only took art class to be near her. He tells Vic that she’s the best part of the town and that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do without her. Vic invites him to Willa’s party. Craig would rather go swimming on Amity Island than party with Drew Butler, whom he refers to as "tea and crumpets." Feeling left out in Vic’s new world that she’s building for herself, Craig leaves class abruptly.

Scissors for the Drifter

Craig joins Vic and Chris for Bike Week. After she gets into a fight with her father, Craig follows Vic out the bar. She’s frustrated at her dad for being a deadbeat drunk and her mom for selling her bike. Without it, she can’t access her Bridge and save Haley. She thought she could find another bike or Knife, but she can’t. Craig’s only worried about Vic, asking if she’s alright. She recalls him mentioning that he got her a commemorative pin as a souvenir. She asks to see it, pins it to her boot, and asks Craig to take her home.

Craig brings Vic home with him. His mom passed out on the couch as they head into his room. Vic finds a picture of herself on Craig’s nightstand that he’s kept since second grade. He takes a seat next to Vic on the bed and asks when was the last time she slept. She replies when they sedated her at the hospital. They smoke some weed and lay together in bed.


Vic wakes up in Craig’s bed to visions of Haley and Daniel. She smokes weed to hopefully calm her nerves. Craig joins her, and the two share a kiss.

Craig and Vic both attend the part at the Brewster house. Craig pulls Vic to the side and gives her a kiss. Vic, however, is too preoccupied and concerned with her mother, who Craig concludes is being difficult because she’s sad that Vic is leaving. Vic explains that RISD is two hours ago, though Craig agrees with Linda that it’s still not the same as Vic being in Haverhill. She insists that everything will be fine and that she’ll even be back home for breaks. They turn their attention to a piece of artwork the Brewsters have on display, which Vic and Craig describe as a "fancy cooch." The two take off running after Craig nearly breaks the artwork.

Vic returns to Craig’s house and informs him of her latest encounter with Bing. They can’t go to the cops or else Vic will end up in the psych ward again. Craig grabs a baseball bat, intent on taking Bing on himself, however, Vic convinces him not to. Vic gets a call from Maggie and suspects that something's wrong with her. Vic calls her right back, but Maggie doesn’t answer. Vic looks to Craig and asks him to take her home.

Sleigh House

Despite previously promising Vic not to get involved, Craig grabs his baseball bat from his room and rides off, intent on killing Bing. Craig pulls up on his bike to Bing’s house. He sneaks around back, breaks into his house, and attacks Bing with a bat as as makes sugar cookies in the kitchen. Craig put up a fight, but he is ultimately overpowered by Bing. The fight ending as blood splatters onto the kitchen floor.

Bing puts Craig in the trunk of his car and takes him to Charlie Manx. Bing takes Craig from his trunk and puts him in the trunk of the Wraith. Manx questions why Craig attacked Bing. Craig states that he was getting back at him for what he tried to do to Vic and what they did to Haley and Sharon Smith. Manx admires Craig’s chivalrous spirit. While Vic doesn’t need the protection, Craig did it because he loves her. And he assures Manx that she loves him too. He is devastated to learn that they’ve had sex and that Craig defiled her. Craig promises Manx that Vic will find him and kill him. Manx is amused by the notion and welcomes her to try.

Manx drives to the Sleigh House with Craig in the trunk. Vic catches up to them. Craig calls out to Vic from the trunk. She tries to break him out, but the doors are locked shut. The alarm to the Wraith goes off and the back door opens. Bradley chases Vic out the barn and to the house.


Craig breaks free of the duct tape restraining him in the trunk of the Wraith. He finds a tire iron in the trunk and punctures the tank, causing Manx’s nose to bleed and the tank to leak. And so, Manx pulls over to a gas station and exits the Wraith, where Vic and Lou Carmody await. When Vic fails to find the keys, Craig takes the tire iron and uses it to puncture the backseat, allowing him to force his way out, where he is attacked by Bradley as soon as he does. Craig hits Bradley with the tire iron, but it does little to deter him. Bradley then to bite Craig, sinking his teeth into his arm.

Vic douses the Wraith in gasoline and drops the lighter, setting the Wraith a blaze and causing Manx to shrivel up and burn. As Manx burns on the ground in agony, Craig continues to fight off Bradley in the backseat. Vic attempts to intervene, reaching in through the front seat, but there’s a force field separating the backseat from the front, preventing Vic from pulling Craig through. Craig realizes that he can’t get out, so he tells Vic to save herself and leave him behind. However, Vic is reluctant. She only exits the vehicle after Bradley bites her arm. Vic runs for a fire extinguisher to hopefully put the flames out, but the car explodes before she can, taking Craig and Bradley with it.

Season 2

The Hourglass

Craig and Vic's son, Wayne, has been taken by Charlie Manx in his Wraith. Craig's burned and disfigured ghost appears to Wayne and tells him that Vic will come for him. He tells Wayne that he was a friend of his mom’s. Manx proceeds to tell Wayne how he knows what's best for him. Unbeknownst to Manx, Wayne is talking to Craig. Later, after Manx is taken out by Bing, Craig reappears to Wayne and tells him to call Vic.

Cripple Creek

Wayne pulls on a loose tooth. He tells Craig that when all his new teeth arrive that Manx said he’d be able to ride the Sleigh coaster. Craig tells Wayne to fight the car. The Wraith wants him to forget, so he has to remember. Craig tells Wayne to remember Vic and that the car is lying to him. What Craig remembers of Vic is that her favorite movie is Jaws. Suddenly, Wayne remembers that his mother’s favorite day is the 4th of July and that she likes having ice cream for breakfast. He asks Craig how he knows his mother. Craig explains that she was his best friend. He then asks about Wayne’s dad. Wayne explains that Lou loves motorcycles and comic books. Wayne checks his tooth again and it’s no longer loose. Craig then asks Wayne where he lives and how well he does in school, hoping that he'll be able to hold on to himself long enough to be rescued.

Wayne sleeps in the back of the Wraith. His transformation continues. Craig wakes him up and tells him to remember his life. However, Wayne is getting worse. He proceeds to spit out three teeth. Later, after Wayne helps free Manx from the back of the Wraith, Craig instructs him to run, but Wayne gets inside nonetheless and the door locks behind him. Wayne instantly realizes he made a mistake. Craig assures him that Vic will come for him.

Physical Appearance

Craig was a young man of medium stature with pale skin, blue eyes, and short brown hair. Often known to wear his leather jacket.


Described by his mother as having a heart of solid gold, Craig cared deeply for Vic. He spent most of his life in love with her. Willing to protect her and even die for her. Vic was one of the few people in Haverhill who cared for Craig as most only saw him as nothing more than a burnout or pothead.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Many fans believe Craig is a character created specifically for the series, as he does not exist in the novel. However, he does exist in the novel. Specifically, in the "chapter" entitled "Haverhill" which begins "In late March of Vic's senior year, her mother walked in on her and Craig Harrison in Vic's bedroom at one in the morning."