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I feel lonesome. Like I'm the only person in the whole world.
— Daniel to Karen

Daniel Moore is a recurring character on AMC's NOS4A2. He is portrayed by Asher Miles Fallica.

He is one of Charlie Manx's victims, who was abducted from his home and taken to Christmasland.

Early Life

Daniel is the only son of Karen Moore. Born and raised in Here, Iowa.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

The Shorter Way

Here, Iowa, Daniel Moore wakes to the sound of his mother having sex. He partially opens her bedroom door to ask if he can sleep with her as he feels lonesome. Her male companion, Brian, offers to leave, but she wants him to stay and instead tells Daniel to go back to bed. Rather than going back to bed as instructed by his mother, Daniel makes himself a bowl of cereal and watches TV in the living room. That’s when the TV goes outs. Just outside, he can hear the singing of Christmas carols. He opens the front door to find a candy cane sitting on the door step. At the end of the street sits a Rolls-Royce Wraith. The back door to the vehicle opens by itself, revealing a backseat filled with Christmas presents.

Daniel gets in the Wraith. When he does, Charlie Manx, withered and old, tells him that he’s up past his bedtime, then the car door slams shut on its own. Daniel tries to open the door, and when it doesn’t budge, he begins to beat on the car window, which doesn’t do much good either. Manx gets into the car, starting it up, before looking back to Daniel and introducing himself. He claims that he understands what it feels like to be lonesome. Daniel, in a panic, continues to try to break his way out the car, but to no avail. Manx assures him that there’s no reason to be afraid and that the presents will return to Daniel once they arrive to Christmasland. He explains that it’s a special place where everyday is Christmas and unhappiness is against the law.

Daniel’s mother, Karen, comes out the front door, screaming out to Daniel. She makes it off the front porch and into the grass before falling to her knees. Daniel watches as his mother crawls to him. He beats on the Wraith window, calling back out to her. Manx, however, tells Daniel not to worry about his mother as she wasn’t interested in his games or him for that matter. Manx then drives off, telling Daniel all about Christmasland and how everyone there loves games.

Manx awakens from his sleep. He pulled over to rest. He has visibly become younger since taking Daniel, who remains sleep in the back. Manx awakens from his sleep. He pulled over to rest. He has visibly become younger since taking Daniel, who remains sleep in the back.

A now much younger Charlie Manx drives down St. Nick Parkway with Daniel in back. As Manx and Daniel drive to Christmasland, Manx promises him that he’ll have plenty of games and rides to play on. He asks Daniel if he’s ever played Scissors for the Drifter. He hasn’t, but Manx assures him the other children will show him how. Daniel smiles, revealing a brand new set of razor sharp teeth.

The Graveyard of What Might

Bing Partridge responds to a Christmasland ad in a comic book in hopes of being employed. He has worked 19 years for MCS Custodial Services and is trusted with shipping dangerous chemical gasses all over the world. He also works as a janitor at the local school, Bing explains in his letter. Bing is greeted by Daniel Moore. In his hand, he holds an invitation to Christmasland. He asks Bing if he’s naughty or nice. Bing replies nice. But, when he reaches for the invitation, Daniel grabs his wrist, displaying a great amount of strength.

The House of Sleep

Manx arrives at Christmasland with a new child: Haley Smith. Daniel welcomes her with a gift; a pair of scissors. They’re for a game the children of Christmasland play called "Scissors for the Drifter."

Scissors for the Drifter

Manx and Bing pull up to the gates of Christmasland with Joe Bly in the trunk. Manx helps Sheriff Bly out the trunk and brings him to the kids of Christmasland. Daniel, Haley, and Millie are amongst them. Time to play "Scissors for the Drifter", Millie remarks. Daniel stabs Joe with a large pair of scissors and the other children follow his lead. Millie stands next to Manx as the children repeatedly stab Joe. She takes his hand as she missed him.

Physical Appearance

Prior to being taken by Charlie Manx, Daniel was a normal human child. He had fair skin, short light brown hair, and brown eyes. However, after being driven to Christmasland in Manx's Wraith, Daniel skin turned pale, black veins ran through his face, and he grew sharp teeth.


Daniel was a lonely child prior to being "saved" by Charlie Manx. He expressed to his mother just how lonesome his life was, but his cries went unanswered until he met Manx. However, after taking a ride in Charlie Manx's Wraith, the once kind and lonely young boy became a monster with a willingness to kill.


Season 1