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Haley Smith is a recurring character on AMC's NOS4A2. She is portrayed by Darby Camp.[1]

Haley is a tough kid with an adventurous spirit and a good sense of humor. She’s brave for a 10-year-old but sometimes too confident for her own good. She wants to be an artist just like her teenage neighbor and pseudo big sister, Vic McQueen.[1]

Early Life

Throughout the Series

Season 1

The Shorter Way

Haley is visited by her neighbor and friend Vic McQueen. She had drawn a picture of her cat Mittens, who had been put out the house. Haley inquires about their next movie night, but Vic struggles to answer as her head begins ringing.

The Graveyard of What Might

Vic rides her bike over to Haley’s house, where Haley is drawing with chalk on her front porch. She and Vic are similar in many ways. Haley tells Vic how her mother wants her to stop her creative ways and to be more like the other girls her age. Vic had a similar upbringing. She gifts Haley her art set and kisses her on the head before leaving, ensuring her they’ll always be friends.

Vic returns to Haverhill over her bridge. The sharp pain momentarily returns. Haley catches Vic as she returns. Vic warns her against telling anyone what she saw as it’s dangerous. Haley promises that she won’t tell anyone. As for why she's in the woods in the middle of the night, she’s out there in search of her cat, Mittens. Vic assures Haley that he’ll come back and gives Haley a ride home.

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Season 1