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I've learned to mitigate the cost of my Hourglass. The last twenty years are clear as a bell.

Jonathan's Hourglass was the Hourglass Man's Knife, which he used to control his victims into doing his bidding, until it was destroyed by Maggie Leigh.


The Hourglass granted him the ability to manipulate people's minds and force them to act on his behalf. However, it was not without limits. His victims were only under his control until the hourglass ran out of sand or until he turned the hourglass back over. Furthermore, the use of his gifts came at a higher price. He suffered from severe memory loss. Unable to recall the first 20 years of his life. However, he later discovered two ways to mitigate the cost of using his Hourglass. Option A — hurt himself or option B — hurt someone else. Jonathan explored both options, settling on the latter. With this, he chose to kill his victims after they'd done his bidding, allowing him to maintain his memory.



Season 2