My Scrabble tiles told me you were coming. They can tell me just about anything, if I listen. They can't give me proper nouns, though, like in Scrabble. But nicknames are okay. Hence "the Brat." I'm Maggie Leigh, by the way.
— Maggie to Vic[src]

Margaret "Maggie" Leigh is a main character on AMC's NOS4A2. She is portrayed by Jahkara Smith.[1]

Maggie is Iowa’s bubbly, purple-haired librarian with a Scrabble Bag portal to the universe.[1]

She’s a creative who seeks out Vic McQueen, and together plot to take down Charlie Manx once and for all.

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  • Despite Jahkara Smith's role as the energetic Maggie Leigh being announced as a recurring spot, she has been billed as a series regular since the premiere.
  • Maggie is a lesbian, confirmed by Jahkara through an instagram post.[2]


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