I was born three months premature with a collapsed lung. Doctors told my mother I wouldn't make it, and it didn't look like I would. So she brought me home to my grandfather. He's a santero in Mattapan, and my mother swears he saved my life with offerings to the Orishas.
Tabitha to Maggie[src]

Tabitha Hutter was initially a recurring character during the first season of AMC's NOS4A2. She has since been promoted to a series regular for the second season onward. She is portrayed by Ashley Romans.

She was the lead detective who was originally assigned to Sharon and Haley Smith's case following their disappearance. She soon came to realize that the case, now revolving around Vic McQueen and Maggie Leigh's pursuit of Charlie Manx was much bigger than it seemed. 8 years later, she has become an F.B.I agent and has developed a relationship with Maggie.

Early LifeEdit

Tabitha was born three months premature with a collapsed lung. It was believed that she would die. So her mother took her home to her grandfather, who's a santero in Mattapan, and according to her mother, he saved Tabitha's life with offerings to the Orishas.[1]

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tabitha is a young woman with brown skin, dark brown eyes, and thick, curly, black hair. She often dresses professionally; business-formal clothing for work.


Both tough and caring, Tabitha is a no nonsense detective. She isn't religious nor is she superstitious and is very skeptical.


Season 1Edit

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