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Tiffany Jones is a recurring character on AMC's NOS4A2. She is portrayed by Jamie Neumann.

Tiffany is a bartender in Haverhill, Massachusetts and the girlfriend of Chris McQueen.

Early Life

Throughout the Series

Season 1

The Shorter Way

At the Lake Side motel, Tiffany Jones, the McQueens, and several others, surround a camp fire and wait for the fireworks. Unbeknownst to many, Tiffany is having an affair with Chris McQueen.

The Graveyard of What Might

Chris' daughter Vic arrives at Tiffany’s to find her dad in the backyard with a topless Tiffany, spraying her down with a hose. They gather themselves, and Tiffany hesitantly offers to put Vic up in her craft room. While Chris claims to want Vic around, she can’t help but feel he doesn’t want her at Tiffany’s.

Vic, Chris, and Tiffany discuss Vic’s future and her plans to attend RISD. Linda unexpectedly pulls up and demands that Vic come home with her, though Vic refuses. Chris and Tiffany’s involvement only escalates Linda’s rage. Linda warns Vic that in staying with her father and Tiffany, the closest she’ll come to college is tending bar while pregnant next to Tiffany. Linda then confronts Tiffany, demanding to know how long she and Chris have been together. With Linda shoving Chris and him threatening to call the cops, Vic jumps on her bike and rides off.

Physical Appearance



Season 1