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Why'd you get me Big Red at Bike Week when I was a kid? [...] It was because I lit up like a Christmas tree when I saw it?
Vic to Chris

Vic's Motorbike is red dirt bike that Vic McQueen was gifted by her father. She used it to access The Shorter Way. However, in an encounter at the Sleigh House, Vic's motorbike was destroyed by Charlie Manx, who threw it onto her Bridge, causing both to disappear.


Nicknamed "Big Red," Vic was gifted this motorbike by her father after first laying eyes on it at Bike Week, many years ago. She was a child then, and it wouldn't be until her senior year of high school that she realized its true potential. Upon discovering that she was a Strong Creative, Vic learned that her bike was actually a Knife, which allowed her to access "The Shorter Way," a bridge that was demolished when she was a child. Unfortunately, every gift comes at a price. Vic's price was constant migraines and a bloodshot eye. She was also warned by Charlie Manx to be careful of the bats within her Bridge. Their Inscapes are manifestations of their minds, so if all the bats fly out of Vic’s Bridge, she’ll lose her mind. Furthermore, Strong Creatives are just as much bonded to their knives, as seen with Vic and her bike. She experienced an excruciating migraine after Manx threw her bike onto her Bridge, which caused both to disappear.



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